Sexual Abuse is probably one of the most devastating traumas that can happen to a person, whether as an adult or as a child. Not only is it a violation of one's trust, dignity and personal integrity, it can have vast and often life-time effects on one's mental health and wellbeing.

If you are an adult who was abused as a child, it is possible that you may have never spoken to anyone to anyone about this. Many survivors keep this a secret well into their adult life, with devastating consequences for some. It can affect loving and trusting relationships, leaving you feeling isolated and alone, which can result in a lack of self worth or low self esteem, sexual difficulties and depression. In order to try and block out the abuse, many develop coping strategies such as drinking heavily, taking drugs, self harming, suffering from eating disorders and may feel suicidal.

It is empowering to share the way you are feeling with someone you can trust.

As an accredited specialist counsellor of rape and sexual abuse survivors, I have vast experience of working within this area of trauma.  I offer safe, confidential and non judgmental therapy in a discreet and comfortable environment. Communication is the first step towards healing. Once taken, it can be the most powerful. Why not try it.

For a free, confidential, no-obligations chat to discuss whether I can help you, please get in touch. You will find my details on my "Contact" page on this website.